Will YOU vote?

You can be certain that in 2024
Republicans, Neo-Nazis, Fascists, and Tea Partiers
will be back at the polls,
exercising their right to vote.

So should YOU.

I know I will.


Vet Our Democratic Candidates NOW!

Oy! Look Who Looms Over the Democratic Candidates

As depicted in the above image, 45 (I refuse to say his name) looms large over our 2020 candidates – the orange elephant in the room, so to speak.
April 27, 2019: It’s not too early to get serious.
My Facebook friend Diana Manister is urging all Democratic voters to begin vetting the Democratic voters and weighing the pros and cons of the current slate.
Because, if we don’t, the GOP will find the weakest spots of our candidates and zero in on them at a most crucial time – say October 2020 – when, perhaps, it would be too late.
Diana is right that we need to get the negatives out now and not after the nomination. The negatives don’t have to be deal killers, but it’s easier to defuse them early in the game and not when they will have the most impact.
Also, weighing the pros and cons can help voters to make informed decisions at primary and caucus times.
There is a way to do this vetting in a positive manner without demonizing anyone; there is a way to articulate our views and findings in a positive or, at best, neutral manner.
It never helps to call a candidate a “corporate whore” or a “communist.” One never wins hearts and support with such language – it just makes supporters dig in deeper.
I will block such folks on Facebook and delete hater comments on this site. I no longer have the patience for such garbage.
Give me specifics, such as “So and so took $$,$$$ in oil money from X company in 20XX.” And back it up with proof – links to credible sources.
Otherwise, just stay away from my Facebook threads and this site.
For example, I recently shared on Facebook that Joe Biden had some health issues, namely two aneurysms 20 years ago. I included this link from CNN and the caveat that he has been aneurysm-free since and that it was not likely that the aneurysms would recur (according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta). But I felt it was something voters should know about.
Save your vitriol for 45, who deserves it more than any of our candidates.
I’m going to try like hell to present my comments in a better way than I have in the past, even Bernie Sanders, who I don’t like very much. But he does bring something to the table, so it would be a good idea to listen before writing him off totally.
I just hope enough of us care enough about our Democracy to do the work necessary to find the right nominee -- and he or she may be our personal 4th or 5th choice.
Get over it.
Vetting Democrats is Not Eating Our Own, a short article, expands a bit on what I’m trying to say.

Edquina Washington, Candidate for York City Council (York, Pennsylvania)

Edquina Washington, York City Council (Pennsylvania)

Edquina Washington, Member of York City Council
101 S. George St., York, PA 17401
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 509
York, PA 17405
Phone: (717) 849-2246 | Fax: (717) 812-0557 | Mobile: (717) 456-0896

It is true that all politics are local – at the very least, that’s where it begins.
Local politicians hold a lot of power over our daily lives, so it is important to select the ones whose values align with our own.
Edquina Washington is such a person for York City Council. She is currently running for her seat on council – to fill a vacancy, she was appointed to her current position in January 2018.
The Pennsylvania primary for 2019 will be held on May 21, 2019.

Edquina Washington, a Democrat, was appointed to York City Council on January 24, 2018, to fill a vacancy to serve until the first Monday of January 2020. Edquina is Chair of the Police & Fire Committees of Council and is a member of the Business Administration Committee.
With over 10 years of experience in government relations in both state and local government, Edquina has gained varied levels of experience in building strategic partnerships and relationships, nonprofit leadership, advocacy, innovative program development, successful promotional and communication campaigns, fundraising, and community relations.
She understands firsthand the importance and significance of City of York government and the development of substantial legislation and strategies that enhance and positively impact our community, as well as the level of leadership, experience, and boldness that being a York City Council person entails.
During her career as the Director of Community Relations for the City of York, Edquina spearheaded communications and media plans, as well as assisted with the advocacy efforts relative to municipal pension reform, gun control reform, public education policies, and immigration reform, to name a few.
She has also spearheaded the development and implementation of several national initiatives within our community. With direct experience working in state legislature, Edquina served as a Legislative Assistant for the 95th District, having worked both in the district office and in Harrisburg.
Her elevated level of leadership abilities is also evidenced through her volunteerism on several Authorities, Boards, and Commissions throughout York County.
Edquina states, “My passion for public service, commitment and leadership in our community, forward thinking approaches, cross sector relationship building, and strategic community development that enhances the lives of community members, serves as my motivation to advance and further assist our community.”
Edquina holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections from York College of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Science in Human Services from Capella University.

Vote Blue, No Matter Who

Vote Blue, No Matter Who

In 2020, my vote will go Democratic.

For the 2020 primary, I already have a candidate in mind, but I will...

Vote Blue, No Matter Who.

I will vote a straight Democratic ticket.


Because I am TIRED of a congress that works only for the rich, a Do-Nothing Congress, an obstructionist Congress, whose main objective is to rob from the poor and middle class and give to the rich, fat cat companies who have insulted the American people by moving jobs to China and other places.

To all you registered middle class Republicans:
Your party honchos don't care about YOU or your needs.

They want NO government controls on business-run-amok, and yet they want to wield complete government control over YOUR body and take away your right to choose your marriage partner--if you happen to be gay.

They want to take away your Social Security, and if you happen to be on disability or welfare, they want to take that away as well.

Their philosophy:
The marketplace should decide YOUR fate.

Your neighbors are responsible for taking care of you, except that they don't and won't. EVER. They have their own problems.

Your church should support you in your time of need, except that they can't and won't. From time to time, they might throw you a slice of stale bread, but they won't support you long term.

Health insurance is BIG business in the Republican party, and they LOVE the status quo. They want to control who can get medical insurance by allowing insurance companies to deny you coverage based on your medical condition or charge you so much that you can't possibly afford even basic coverage.
The radical religious right talks about how the Democrats advocate "Death Panels," but doesn't address the de facto death panels when medical treatment is denied because you can't pay for it. If you have a medical condition that is expensive to treat, you WILL be denied treatment. The Republicans would rather see you die than lose one cent of profit.
The 100% free marketplace gives to charity only when they can deduct it from their taxes, and if you think that Big Business will take of the working poor, guess again.

So all you gun totin', God lovin', Fox News watching, financially struggling conservatives, you would do well to take a serious look at what your party has to offer YOU.

Not much, I'm afraid.

We have seen the effects of a white nationalist in the White House -- and it isn't pretty.

And if he and a Republican Congress and Senate win in 2020, this country will be uglier than it is now.

Vote Blue, No Matter Who